Study English in the UK- Short-Term Student  Visa

This visa is designed for international students who intend to come to the UK to study English language for courses lasting between 6-11 months. For short-term courses that last 6 months or less you may be required to apply for a Standard Visitor visa instead.  

If you are a national of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein and have applied to remain in the UK via the EU Settlement Scheme, you do not require a Short-term Student visa to study English language in the UK. Otherwise, you need visa to study in the UK.

You must have an offer of a place from an accredited institution and sufficient money for your course and return travel. You will also be required to support yourself financially in the UK without working since you will not be able to do any paid or unpaid work during your studies.

Our solicitors can assist you with a bespoke personalised visa application service, help with advising on visa requirements, completing the application form, reviewing necessary documents and other supporting evidence, and accompanying the process until your visa is issued.

If your visa application has been refused you do not normally have a right to appeal the decision. Depending on your particular circumstances, you might be able to challenge the UK Visas and Immigration’s decision or to make a new visa application.

If you decide to reapply, you shall address in the new visa application all reasons for your refusal, providing all missing information and relevant supporting evidence. If you choose to challenge the decision maker’s refusal of your visa, you may be able to make an application for Judicial Review to challenge the lawfulness of the decision, or for Administrative Review if a mistake was made by the decision maker when issuing your visa refusal. 

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