At Terence Ray Solicitors, we specialise in providing comprehensive business immigration services to assist you in navigating the complexities of the UK immigration system. Our expertise covers various aspects of business immigration, including corporate immigration, sponsorship license management, obtaining both long-term and temporary work visas for overseas workers, global mobility, and supporting the setup and operation of businesses in the UK.  From the initial eligibility assessment to the careful preparation of documentation, submission of applications, and effective communication with relevant agencies, we streamline the business immigration process on your behalf.
Throughout your business immigration journey, Terence Ray Solicitors is committed to providing expert guidance and unwavering support, helping you achieve your goals. We understand the importance of achieving a successful outcome and strive to deliver exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.

Below, you will find an overview of the main types of business immigration matters we handle, the key stages of the application process, and the available options for appealing a decision in case of refusal.


Corporate Immigration

⇒ Certificates of Sponsorship

⇒ Skilled Worker Sponsor License

⇒ Sponsor License Renewal

⇒ Temporary Worker- Creative Worker Sponsor License

⇒ Temporary Worker- Sportsperson Sponsor License

⇒ Home Office Sponsor Compliance Visits

UK Work Visas

⇒ Skilled Worker Visa

⇒ Global Talent Visa

⇒ High Potential Individual (HPI) Visa

⇒ Graduate Student Visa

⇒ Overseas Domestic Worker Visa

⇒ International Sports Person Visa

⇒ Minister of Religion Visa (T2)

⇒ Scale Up Visa

⇒ Frontier Worker Permit

⇒ Exempt Vignette

⇒ Temporary Work Visas


UK Global Talent Visas

⇒ Global Talent: Digital Technology

⇒ Global Talent: Arts & Culture

⇒ Global Talent: Architecture

⇒ Global Talent: Fashion Design 

⇒ Global Talent: Film & Television

⇒ Global Talent: Science, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine & Social Socience



Starting Business in the UK

⇒ Innovator Founder Visa

⇒ Start-Up Visa

Global Business Mobility

⇒ Senior or Specialist Worker Visa

⇒ Graduate Trainee Visa (Global Mobility)

⇒ Service Supplier Visa

⇒ Secondment Worker Visa

⇒ UK Expansion Worker Visa

Closed Routes- Extensions & ILRs

⇒ Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1)

⇒ Investor Visa (Tier 1)

⇒ Sole Representative of an Overseas Business

⇒ Turkish Business Person Visa

⇒  Turkish Worker Visa