Equality and Diversity Policy

Terence Ray Ltd, trading as Terence Ray Solicitors are committed to promoting equal opportunities and eliminating unlawful discrimination of the Protected Characteristics as provided in the Equalities Act 2010 (s4), be it due to:

  • age (s5)
  • gender reassignment (s7 and see also s16)
  • marriage and civil partnership (s 8)
  • race (s 9)
  • religion or belief (s 10)
  • sex (s 11)
  • sexual orientation (s 12)
  • pregnancy and maternity (s 18)

This regulation applies to our own professional dealings with clients, staff and partners, work experience, other solicitors, barristers, and third parties. We aim to treat everyone fairly and equally and with the same courtesy and attention. We shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that we do not unlawfully discriminate under the terms of the Equalities Act 2010 and any other legislation in force from time to time relating to any form of discrimination, included in this would be Employment and the provisions of goods, facilities, or services.

Meeting Clients Needs is Our Aim

Our duty is to provide legal services and as such we will treat all clients fairly, justly, and equally and not discriminate against them. We will also, wherever possible, assist people whilst at the same time consider the diversity of the individuals we represent.

We will take steps to help develop procedures, so that the legal services we provide are accessible to all. We will consider the needs of the disabled and clients who are unable to communicate in English. We will devise appropriate policies to meet our clients’ needs; including women and men; members of religious groups; carers; the elderly; children; lesbians, gay or transgendered people, and ethnic groups or nationalities.


As an employer, all employees and job applicants will be treated fairly, justly, and equally. Furthermore, we will eliminate the unlawful discrimination of any protected characteristic. This will include arrangements regarding recruitment and selection. Terms and conditions of Employment, access to promotions, access to training opportunities, demotions, selection for redundancies, grievance and disciplinary processes, dress code, reference, bonus schemes, work allocation and any other Employment related activities. The firm as such observes all elements of:

  • Promotion
  • Recruitment
  • Grievances and disciplinary procedures
  • Training
  • Terms and conditions of Employment
  • Redundancies, Resignations, and dismissals
  • Training Plan
  • Requests for flexible working hours

The firm identifies equality and diversity training needs. employees and partners will be informed of this policy and training plan. The policy plan as such will include details of the sort of training that will be provided, who will be trained, when training will be provided and who is responsible in the firm for ensuring that training is delivered.