At Terence Ray Solicitors we are committed to providing realistic and transparent fee structure that will enable you to make informed decision about using our services. The fees guide set out below includes our professional fees only, i.e., legal fees that you will be charged for all the work performed by us in relation to your case from commencement to conclusion.

Where specified below, our legal fees are provided on fixed fee basis and will not change unless your case involves unforeseen complexity which need significant extra work. If this is the case, we will notify you prior to incurring any additional costs, explain the reason for any changes and proceed only after your formal approval. 

On all other cases we work on hourly rate basis that range between £150 – £400 plus VAT which will depend on the experience and qualification of the case handler as follows:

  • Partner £350- £400 plus VAT
  • Senior Solicitor £300- £350 plus VAT
  • Solicitor £250- £300 plus VAT
  • Trainee Solicitors/ Legal Consultants £150 plus VAT




Initial Advice (face-to-face, by video link or email advice)

£150 plus VAT

General one-off assistance (initial advice, checking application form and support documents)

£250 plus VAT

Application specific

A. British Citizenship Applications (includes preparation of the application, assessment of support documents and processing of the application but excludes disbursements)

Naturalisation or Registration as a British Citizen (Adult)

£800- £1,000 plus VAT

Naturalisation or Registration as a British Citizen complex case (Adult)

£1,500- £2,500 plus VAT 

Registration of a Child as a British Citizen

£1,500- £2,500 plus VAT 

Registration of a Child as a British Citizen out of country

£800- £1,500 plus VAT 

B. British Passport Applications (includes advice and preparation of applications but excludes disbursements)

Applications for a first British Passport in-country and out of country (Adult or Child)

£1,500- £2,500 plus VAT 

C. EU Settlement Scheme Applications (includes advice and preparation of applications but excludes disbursements)

Pre-Settled/Settled status

£2,000- £2,500 plus VAT 

Surinder Singh Application, Pre-Settled Status/Settled status   

£2,000- £2,500 plus VAT 

Application for a family permit for a spouse or dependants, under the EU Settlement Scheme

£3,000- £3,500 plus VAT

D. Applications under the Immigration Rules, in-country and out of country (includes preparation of applications, assessment of support documents, processing and responding to any further correspondence prior to decision but excludes any disbursements)

Visit Visa for tourism, medical, family

£2,000- £2,500 plus VAT

Visit Visa (complex – where there has previously been a refusal)

£2,500- £4,000 plus VAT

Visa as domestic servant

£2,500 plus VAT

Ancestry Visas

£2,500 plus VAT

Long residence, settling in the UK 

£4,000- £7,000 plus VAT 

Leave to Enter or Remain with a partner (non-complex)

£1,500- £2,500 plus VAT

Leave to Enter or Remain with a partner (complex)

£2,500- £3,500 plus VAT

Settlement with a Partner

£3,500- £4,000 plus VAT

Settlement as a Victim of Domestic Violence (Non-Complex)

£4,000- £4,500 plus VAT

Settlement as a Victim of Domestic Violence (Complex)

£4,500- £6,000 plus VAT

Settlement application for a child (indefinite leave to enter)

£3,000- £4,000 plus VAT 

Leave to Enter or Remain as a Parent of a Child in the UK

£2,500- £3,500 plus VAT

Dependent Relative

£4,500- £5,500 plus VAT 

De facto entry clearance for the purpose of adoption (not complex)

£5,000- £7,000 plus VAT 

De facto entry clearance for the purpose of adoption (complex) 

£7,000- £10,000 plus VAT 

Family Re-Union Application where sponsor has Refugee or Humanitarian Protection Leave to Remain

£1,000- £2,000 plus VAT

E. Applications under the Tier Points-Based System (includes preparation of sponsorship licenses applications, assessing support documents, processing the applications, and attending to any further enquiries prior to the decision but excluding disbursements)


Investor Visa

£8,500- £10,500 plus VAT

Sole Representative 

£7,000- £8,500 plus VAT

Entrepreneur Extension

£6,000- £8,000 plus VAT

Global Talent

£3,500- £4,000 plus VAT

Settlement (ILR) Application

£6,000- £6,500 plus VAT


Sponsorship License

£5,000- £6,000 plus VAT 

Intercompany Transfer

£6,000- £6,500 plus VAT

Leave to Enter or Remain/ Settlement (Main Applicant)

£4,500- £5,000 plus VAT


£1,000 plus VAT per dependent 

Leave to Remain Extension

£1,000 plus VAT per dependent 


Tier 4 Student Visa – Entry clearance application as a Tier 4 (General) Student

£2,000- £3,000 plus VAT 

Application for Extension of Tier 4 (General) Visa

£3,000- £3,500 plus VAT

Parent of Child in school (General) Visa

£3,000- £4,000 plus VAT 

Graduate Visa 

£3,000-£3,500 plus VAT


Tier 5 – Religious Worker/Youth Mobility Scheme 

£3,000- £3, 500 plus VAT

Replacement of Visa Stamp with BRP

£800- £1,200 plus VAT 

British National (Overseas) Visa Applications

£2,500- £3,500 plus VAT

F. Asylum Applications (includes advice, preparation of statements, completion of mandatory forms, attending to all correspondence and conferences until decision is made. Fee excludes attendance at Interviews which would be charged on hourly rate basis. Fee also excludes disbursements)

£5,000- £10,000 No VAT depending on complexity

G. Work Permit Applications – Review Application of a Negative Decision

£1,000- £1,500 plus VAT

H. Asylum & Immigration Appeals

Immigration and Asylum 

(lodging appeal only, excluding disbursements)

£600- £800 no VAT 

Immigration and Asylum (preparation of court documents and bundles excluding Counsel/Barrister fees)

£1,500- £3,500 no VAT depending on complexity fees may be higher

I. Judicial Review Applications (includes advice, preparation of grounds by Counsel, preparation of Judicial Review bundles and attending to any subsequent correspondence prior to decision)

£5,000 plus VAT if applicable


J. Initial Advice (includes advising on divorce requirements, procedure, and documents in support of the petition)

£150 plus VAT

K. Divorce Petition Application (includes advice, preparation of divorce petition and attending to the processing of the application until the Divorce Absolute is issued but excluding disbursements) 

£3,000 plus VAT



L. Initial Advice 

(includes advising on employment law, employment contracts, grounds, and procedure for litigation)

£150 plus VAT

M. Representation in an Employment Tribunal Appeal Hearing 

(includes preparation of documents and managing pleadings, liaising with Barristers, Tribunals and witnesses but excluding disbursements)

£250- £400 per hour plus VAT

N. General Advice (includes advice on office manuals and office policies including employment contracts but excluding disbursements)

£150- £250 per hour plus VAT 



O. Certification of Documents

£15 per page plus VAT

Q. Power of Attorney and other Declarations/affidavits (includes preparation of the documents and certification)

£120 plus VAT

R. Legalisation of documents with FCO (includes preparation and processing the legalisation of the document with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to be used abroad including disbursements

£200 plus VAT



Our legal fees do not include any disbursements payable by us to third parties on your behalf to ensure a smoother process and later added to your final bill. The amount payable  will be the exact cost of the expense that we incurred on your behalf. Typical disbursements may include, but are not limited to the following:   

  • Home Office fees and NHS Surcharge fees payable directly to the Home Office as part of the application process
  • Interpreters fees, if required
  • Independent expert reports, if required
  • Court/ Tribunal fees
  • Counsel/ Barrister fees which vary depending on complexity of matter, the seniority and amount of time required. 


All of the prices quoted above exclude VAT unless stated otherwise. VAT is charged at a rate of 20% and is payable on our legal fees and on disbursements.  In some cases VAT is not applicable, e.g. for applications made from outside the UK or without leave to remain in the UK.


From the outset we will provide you with an estimate of how long we will take to prepare your application for submission. We will normally be able to submit a typical application within 2-3 weeks of you instructing us, but if there is any delay we will let you know at the earliest opportunity. We cannot guarantee how long the Home Office will take to process your application as this will depend on the type of application and the method of submission (e.g. same-day or regular service). We will advise on the likely service time in each individual case based on your specific circumstances. The Home Office also provides regular updates on current processing time for applications which can be accessed here.

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